The Poetry Company

We’re experts in modern tech.

We provide digital services including code due diligence, software architecture and development, tech oversight, debugging and problem solving across the full stack.
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From boardroom to code.

A partner for your business.

We offer a bespoke service that includes development advice and support with your current tech stack.

Experience and expertise.

Our founder is on the Nuxt core team, is a previous agency CEO and SaaS CTO, and has been developing web applications since 1998.

Poetry is our business. We have the talent and innovation you need to move your project from conception, through design, into production. We know what it takes to build a digital product, how to do it well and how to make the most of your investment in technology.

Our services

We provide software development services for startups and enterprises across the full stack. From code due diligence to debugging, we have you covered.

  • 1.

    Consultation and architecture.

    We can provide advice on how best to structure your software, advise on the optimal technologies for a given scenario and can provide assistance with architectural decisions such as microservices or monolithic architectures.

  • 2.

    Software development and maintenance.

    From design to deployment, we can help you bring your ideas to life. We have an established track record of delivering high-quality code in short timelines with low risk for our clients. We work closely with you on every stage of your project — from idea conception through delivery.

  • 3.

    Code audit and problem solving.

    Our team will thoroughly review your current codebase and offer advice on what needs fixing now and what can wait until later. If you’re having problems with your existing codebase, we offer a range of services from quick fixes through full-scale redevelopments — whatever is needed to get things back up and running again quickly!

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